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Intersection of technology and music

Experience ‘Hackathon,’ an electrifying Techno journey from Made by CK. This album delves into the world of computers, hacking, and enigmatic empty spaces. With tracks like ‘AI Cop’ and ‘Robot Chase,’ get ready for thrilling high-speed chases and mysterious escapades. ‘Heart Race’ offers suspense in a sci-fi setting, ‘Integrated Circuit’ dances through technology playfully, and ‘Binary Pulse’ provides a tranquil escape. Expect hypnotic beats, creative melodies, and a perfect balance of intensity and relaxation. ‘Hackathon’ is not just music; it’s a captivating tale told through Techno beats, promising an unforgettable sonic adventure.



Release Date

October 26, 2023

Main Tracks



Industrial Techno, Techno

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REVM001 Hackathon
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