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Nicholas Pesci is a renowned artist celebrated for his knack in crafting music that is not only entertaining but also radiates positivity and joy. Specializing in funny, uplifting, and happy tunes, Nicholas’ musical creations have become synonymous with spreading good vibes and fostering a lighthearted atmosphere. His extensive portfolio includes an impressive array of advertisements, with major brands such as Audi, Samsung, and VistaPrint incorporating his catchy melodies to enhance their marketing campaigns.


One of Nicholas’ standout achievements is the widespread recognition of his song “Feeling Happy.” This particular track has left an indelible mark, being prominently featured in the popular app “Tom’s Love Letters.”


The infectious charm of “Feeling Happy” has resonated with audiences worldwide, garnering a dedicated fan base that spans across different corners of the globe.




With a talent for infusing his compositions with an uplifting spirit, Nicholas Pesci continues to make a positive impact through his music, creating a sound that not only leaves a lasting impression in the world of advertising but also serves as a source of joy for listeners worldwide.


Listen to Nicholas Pesci's music here: