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Cutting-edge Music

We are a small group of talented and independent songwriters, musicians and producers making music specifically for use in film, TV and other media. Our primary goal ist to make cutting-edge music with the highest level of musicality possible, always chasing that modern sound.

Boutique Catalog

After Sunset Music is a boutique music library for contemporary urban and EDM music. When it comes to reaching our standards of high-quality music, we won’t make any compromises - even if that means our catalog is not as large as others. We would rather have a smaller selection of exceptional music than a massive collection of mediocre sounds. Our talented artists concentrate on the genres where they do their best work, therefore keeping our catalog boutique. With us, you’ll find a selective and curated portfolio.

Exclusive Catalog


Our music catalogue contains exclusive music that cannot be found in any other collection. Every piece of music is pre-cleared by all songwriters, producers and musicians involved and completly ready for use in high-quality productions.


Full Ownership

You keep 100% Ownership of all your music. This means that you will continue to have ownerships on both copyrights and masters of your work. This contract allows us to represent your sync rights when your music is used in our clients' projects.

50% Sync Fee

You will get 50% of the Sync Fee, or otherwise called upfront royalties. Sync Fees are dependent on the placement of the music.

100% Writer Share

You will get 100% of writer of performance royalties (otherwise called backend royalties). Since performance royalties are collected and distributed by PRO's (Performance Rights Organizations), you will need to be affiliated with a PRO in order to receive those royalties.


Become part of our stellar community of cutting-edge artists, writers and producers. You'll get the exciting opportunity to have your contemporary urban and electronic music placed in film, TV and other media.


Our catalog consists of cutting-edge music, always chasing the genre-specific, authentic sound.


Highly-curated catalog with label-quality music, made by talented musicians and composers.


Our music is exclusive and pre-cleared, ready to be licensed for use in high-quality productions.