Downtown Beatz

Influenced by the vibrancy of a large city and living downtown.

Influenced by the vibrancy of a large city, the album contains a collection of Hip Hop Instrumentals that reflect different moods and feelings influenced by the vibrancy of a large city. Musical styles include Urban, Hip Hop, Trap, Downtempo, Electronica and Old-School Funk. Seven Songs, Alternative and 30sec versions included. 38 Versions in total. Pre-cleared and ready for usage.



Late Night
Cool and hard-hitting hip hop track with dominant piano, flute and strings.
Bouncing Orchestra
The DJ just entered the Concert Hall. A bouncy and weird mixture of orchestra music and hip hop beats. Crazy Flute and hectic piano solo.
Downtown Hallelujah
A trap version of a choir singing Hallelujah. Trap beats mixed with 808s, drum machines, piano and harpsichord.
Opera Lady
It aint over till the fat lady sings? Well, take a listen to our opera singer accompanied by a driving and hard-hitting hip hop track.
Funk School
Old school and vintage sounding funk music combined with a touch of modern hip hop.
Laid-back groove with a driving bass line that morphes into a downtempo, electro-funk track.
Melancholic downtempo track with prominent flute, dreamy harp and scratchy synthesizers.

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