Dead End

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Dark and cinematic sounding Drill songs.

The album “Dead End” is a compilation of hard-hitting and dark sounding and cinematic Drill songs. The songs make use of various instrumentation and moods. Partly cinematic and spooky using wobbling 808 basslines and pianos, partly classical using solo violin melodies and strings.


The songs were written by upcoming producers Darrenifyouask, Made by CK and Thomas Yang.



About Drill:

According to Wikipedia, “Drill is a subgenre of hip hop music that originated in Chicago streets in the early 2010s. It is sonically similar to the trap music subgenre and lyrically similar to the gangsta rap subgenre (…).”


A notable regional subgenre emerged in the UK where is has been partially banned by the Police and politicians due to its profane lyrical content.

Musically, Drill music is similar to Trap music and typically contains distorted and heavily filtered keyboard instruments (e.g. piano) and a sliding 808 bass line.

Grind Mode
Drill song with a halloween string, scary piano chords with a spooky background synth. Artist: Darrenifyouask
Judgement Day
Drill song with a drill bounce, light percussion and a hard bass. Artist: Darrenifyouask
Out Of Town
Drill song with a catchy bass melody, skippy percussion with epic chords and strings. Artist: Darrenifyouask
Modern drill song with dark voices and rising strings. Drill percussion with short piano chords. Artist: Darrenifyouask
Drill song with a wobble bass, light piano chords and light percussion. Artist: Darrenifyouask
Baking Soda
Dark sounding drill song with ominous synth pads, bells and reverse melody. Accompanied with dark sounding piano and synthetic voices. Artist: Thomas Yang
Dark and cinematic sounding drill song with singing saw melody. The atmosphere of the song is enhanced by cinematic synth pads and reverse FX. Artist: Made by CK
Angelic Shake
Drill song with musical elements from the baroque era. The instrumentation consists of harpsichord, recorder and pizzicato strings. Artist: Made by CK
Parking Slot
Intense and thrilling Drill song with a dramatic violin solo melody. At 01:13min, there is a very suspenseful and gripping moment that is perfectly suited to underscore crime related scenes. Artist: Made by CK



Darrenifyouask, Made by CK, Thomas Yang

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Hip Hop, Drill

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