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Elegant trap songs mixed with the grace of medieval music.

The album contains trap songs that sound elegant and majestic. The songs have been mixed up with the grace of medieval music. Typical baroque instrumentation like strings, harpsichord, recorders and English Horn have been used to deliver the elegance and grace of medieval music.
The chord progressions used are also tyoical for that era, like the Neapolitan Chord in the song “Her Majesty”.
“In Classical music theory, a Neapolitan chord (or simply a “Neapolitan”) is a major chord built on the lowered (flatted) second (supertonic) scale degree. In Schenkerian analysis, it is known as a Phrygian II, since in minor scales the chord is built on the notes of the corresponding Phrygian mode.” Learn more about the Neapolitan here.
All songs have been produced by our artist Made by CK.

Abandoned Castle
Dark and spooky trap song with dissonant strings, wobbly keys and hi-hat rolls.

Artist(s): Made by CK

Dark and sluggish sounding trap song with emotional violin melody in the chorus. The flutes playing glissando in the chorus undermine the mysterious vibe of the song.

Artist(s): Made by CK

Trap song with medieval and baroque dance elements. The songs starts and ends with a medieval dance section that is reminiscent of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The main melody is played by the harpsichord and recorder.

Artist(s): Made by CK

Her Majesty
Majestic and noble sounding trap song with instrumentation found in classical music. An elevating - yet slightly melancholic - violin melody is accompanied by an arpeggiating english horn and music box. The chord progression contains a genre typical neapolitan chord.

Artist(s): Made by CK



Release Date

September 8, 2022

Main Tracks



Medieval Trap


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