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Album Cover

Downtown Beatz (ASM001)City Tunnel at Night #2  © countgeoff (Creativemarket). Summer VibezMaui Country USA  © Ethan Robertson on UnsplashHypnagogic Beatz: © (Creativemarket).

Video Trailer / Teaser (Youtube, Instagram)

‘After Sunset Music’ TrailerNew York City at Night. NYC  © focusimage (Shutterstock #3319865). ‘Downtown Beatz’ TrailerAerial Metropolis Night Illuminated  © Spotmanik (Shutterstock #7792132). New York East Manhattan ©Adamosx (Shutterstock #15990916). ‘Tropical Beatz’ TeaserTropical Beach  © Dvoevnore travel photos (Creativemarket #210515). ‘Urban Trap’ TeaserGraffiti Text Effects  © Krukowski Graphics (Creativemarket #246206)

Images on Website

Sin City  © Paulo Barcellos Jr. (Flickr #230134559). New York – The City  © Magic Mint (Creativemarket #33600). Guggenheim Museum © Matthias Oberholzer on Unsplash