I. Introduction

After Sunset Music Single-Member P.C. (following “we”) is a production music library providing music tracks for licensing in film, tv and other media. Our catalog consists of exclusive music tracks. All music tracks published on this website are subject to Greek Copyright Law. Reproduction, editing, distribution as well as the use of any kind outside the scope of the copyright law require a written permission of us. All music is cleared and ready for licensing.
Visiting this website does not automatically grant a right to use our music.

II. Publishing

All music tracks are registered with our publishing entity After Sunset Music Single-Member P.C., that is affiliated as a publisher with BMI and ASCAP.

III. Copyright & Ownership

As the original copyright holder of all music tracks, we own and control (a) the masters of all music tracks, that means the recording of the music tracks; (b) the copyright of all music tracks, that means the musical composition. As our catalog contains exclusive music tracks only, licensing our music tracks is available only through us.

IV. Clearance

We are very sensitive about copyright. By providing our music tracks, we ensure that our music tracks (a) are cleared with of all involved songwriters, producers and musicians; (b) do not contain any uncleared copyrighted samples; (c) do not contain any rip off from someone’s elses composition or any other copyright infringement. We ensure that we only use samples from royalty-free buyout packages that are used according to their respective guidelines and terms and conditions.

V. Cover Art

All cover art (“album cover”) are not subject to any license agreement. For further information about our cover art we have used, please visit our Credit section at https://www.aftersunsetmusic.com/credits.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Last updated February 25th, 2021.


For questions or comments, please contact us at

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